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Science Enrichment Resources and Opportunities 


Online learning 


Stem based home learning - updated most days


BP - guided home learning activities 11-14 and more challenging 


Seneca Learning - you need to sign up, but is free it covers all the subject areas not just science - requires a free sign up but lots of free lessons / activities 


BBC Bitesize- - lots of great learning and revision tools


Science podcasts -


Crash course kids  brilliant youtube channel for all things science and engineering 





Science of flight - complete pack including few experiments to try 


Inside the human body -  interactive body simulator and worksheets to go with it 


Astroquest - help in real life space research


Zoo webcams - some of the best live streams from zoo webcams around the globe 


Real life science research, help real scientist from the safety of your armchair 


Penguin Watch - help count penguins in Antarctica - 


Sea Otters and the Floating Forests - help protect sea otters