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As part of our contingency plan for providing remote education for your child if partial or full academy closure occurs, teachers have planned and resourced a three week curriculum sequence for the students they teach.  This is equivalent in length to the teaching your child would receive in school and has been planned and sequenced so that knowledge and skills are built incrementally with clarity about what's intended to be learned and practised.  This includes:

  • a Google Classroom containing a range of activities.  Teachers will check this daily and will interact with your child, monitor how they are progressing, provide them with feedback and, when needed, revise the material to maximise learning.

  • CenturyTech  


Given the fact that we are using Google Classroom and Century consistently across the academy, tutors will call and / or email to remind all student’s of their online usernames and passwords.  Queries about passwords should be directed to 


If we have to temporarily close, one of the best things your child could do is lots of reading.  To support this, we have a range of reading books that they are welcome to take home.  They can also access reading books for free online:


If your child would like to extend their learning further, Oak National Academy offers students online lessons and resources for the full range of ages and subjects:


Our hope in sharing these plans is that you fully understand that we, at The Brunel Academy, will do all that we can to keep our students and staff safe, whilst at the same time continuing to provide them with a valuable education.