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Maths and Numeracy

Maths resources, essential reading and enrichment opportunities


Online learning platforms. 

Century Online learning is a brilliant resource which many of you may have tried - now you have matured you may get on with this better.  Using the website is simple. 

- Go to (or search ‘Century tech’).

- Click ‘log in’ and enter your details.  (Username = Brunel email = initial with surname e.g.; Password = Brunel2020)


Whiterose maths is a fantastic home learning website. Videos and tasks to have a go at. Choose a level suitable for you. No log in necessary. There are videos to watch as part of a lesson.


BBC Bitesize Daily lessons for different abilities with online interactive tasks you can have a go at. No log in necessary but you can sign in so it remembers your preferences. 


Bitesize Daily -

Select your age group to receive daily maths lessons based upon different areas you have studied.


X table & Fact practice

Top Marks Quick fire maths games for free. Hit the button is a particular pupil favourite for practicing x tables & maths facts in one minute rounds. No log in. 


Times Test your speed with these time bonus questions. A variety of x tables games to play.


Maths on youtube

Maths Antics  Uses some brilliant images to show the visual understanding behind some maths concepts. There are many videos from basic calculation through to GCSE concepts. (Over 134m views)


Mr. Demaio Catchy covers of songs but the lyrics are all of your favourite times tables! (over 49m views)