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PE & Healthy Living


PE and Healthy Living resources, essential reading and enrichment opportunities


Healthy Living useful websites:


Change for Life Website: lots of information and ideas of how to stay healthy and active. Why not put your knowledge into practice and try some of the recipes?


Super Healthy Kids Website: lots of ideas of how to be healthy.  Some ideas to cook for your family and how to use different ingredients in your cooking.


BBC Bitesize Website: this will help remind you of what makes a balanced diet and key nutrients that are essential in to keep your body healthy. 


Food a Fact of Life Website:

Lots of information and some interesting activities to have a go at - health, food hygiene, nutrition and recipes to recipes to try


NHS Website:

Lots of information and interesting articles about healthy eating and eating to stay healthy


Healthy Living Activities:


Change for Life Website: have a go at some of the recipes


Eating Well Website: why not have a go at writing your family a meal plan for the week using ideas form this website


BBC Cooking Website: so many ideas for cooking - cakes, pizzas, omelettes, salads and so much more


Physical Education interesting information and articles:


BBC Sports Website: up to date sports news and information about every sport you can imagine!


BBC Get Inspired Website: information about lots of different sports, with some stories from well known sports people


Olympic Games Website: lots of information about the Olympics and the history of the sport with some great stories from sporting stars


Current Kids Website: up to date articles on everything going on in the sporting world.   Also online Sports Quiz to have a go at  


PE Activities and useful websites:


Association for Physical Education Website: Selection of activities looking at developing a variety of different skills essential for sports performance - all of these can be done at home! Learn Skills at home


Dare Bee Home work outs - lots of ideas for activities you can do at home:


Fitness Blender on YouTube - a mixture of different sessions that you can try at home:


Sport England - ideas for activity that you can try at home or the out on a walk:


The Week - lots of ideas and videos of practical sessions:


Seneca Learning - great for iGCSE PE topics - lots of resources and activities to have a go at iGCSE Theory Activities and Revision