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English and Literacy

English and literacy resources, essential reading and enrichment opportunities


Century Online learning is a brilliant resource which many of you may have tried - now you have matured you may get on with this better.  Using the website is simple. 

- Go to (or search ‘Century tech’).

- Click ‘log in’ and enter your details.  (Username = Brunel email = initial with surname e.g.; Password = Brunel2020)


Become an expert in phonics:  The best place to start to help you read and spell accurately. 

Phonics lessons on Facebook and YouTube; three short Speed Sound lessons every day.


Read eBooks and listen to audiobooks:


Oxford Owl:  Put everything you’ve learned in your phonics lessons into practice here with matched books


British Library Children’s Books: Explore centuries of stories, poems and illustrations.


Audible Stories:  Listen to great books.


Read the news:


News in Levels: Test your level and access news in a level that’s appropriate for you.


First News:  UK’s national newspaper for young people.


The Happy Newspaper:   A newspaper to celebrate all that is good in the world.




BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons: Three new lessons every weekday with videos, activities and more.


Zone In: National Literacy Trust:  Three new challenges and exclusive videos from special guests each week.


Oak National Academy:  An online classroom where you can access English work for your year group (or a different year if you prefer!)


BBC Skillswise:  A collection of resources designed to improve your English, including sections on reading, writing, spelling, word grammar, sentence grammar and speaking and listening.


Scholastic:  Every day there is a mini lesson that includes a story, a video and an activity.


Cambridge English:  85 online activities that will benefit your reading, writing and language development.  Choose the skill you want to improve and the level that’s right for you.


Spelling:  Choose a spelling rule then choose to either practise the spelling or take a test with those words.