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Core Expectations

The Brunel Academy Core Expectations


The following are the Core Expectations and must be a part of all of our work at The Brunel Academy:


  1. Communication is positive and professional.
  2. Personalisation involves all interactions.
  3. PACE is used in interactions - Playful, Accepting, Curious, Empathetic
  4. Relationships are valued and staff seek to repair harm.
  5. Staff regulate themselves before students.
  6. Staff engage students in lessons, activities, breaktimes and lunchtimes.
  7. Learning Objectives and Success Criteria are explicitly shared, displayed and referenced throughout.
  8. Modelling includes explicit modelling of thought processes, activities, behaviour and attitudes.
  9. Collaborative Learning structures limit teacher talk and promote PIES: Positive Interdependence, Individual Accountability, Equal Participation, Simultaneous Interaction.
  10. Assessment for Learning is built in throughout to review learning and deepen understanding.
  11. Feedback promotes progress: What Went Well, Even Better If, literacy. Students respond to the feedback.
  12. Recording is timely: SIMS, CPOMS and lesson recording