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Citizenship resources, essential reading and enrichment opportunities


BBC Bitzesize: /

Find out information on:

  • Business and enterprise

  • Careers

  • Managing finances

  • Democracy and justice

  • Identity and diversity

  • Sustainable development and the environment



Explore this website for videos on all different PSHEE topics.




Childnet International:

  • Top tips for keeping safe online


UK Parliament:

  • Keep up to date with what is happening in the world including live learning sessions.


Digital Citizens:

  • Games about everyone being a ‘digital citizen’.


Life in the UK tests:

  • These are examples of tests that people who are trying to gain citizenship within the UK have to take, can you answer these questions?


Young Citizens:

  • Get some ideas for how you could make a difference within your society.


Use the news:



  • Keep up to date with what is happening in the news at a level that is much more understable.


First News:

  •  UK’s national newspaper for young people.


The Happy Newspaper:

  • A newspaper to celebrate all that is good in the world.