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Careers guidance at The Brunel Academy


At Brunel, our approach to careers is driven by the Academy ethos of People, Place and Purpose. We aim to provide students with access to the people, understanding of the places for further education and training available in the local area, and the knowledge and experience needed to have a clear purpose in their learning as they approach further education, employment or training.


We work in close partnership with Careers South West to provide individual support to students from year 9 with that support increasing as they approach the transition to post 16 employment, education and training. In particular, students in years 10 and 11 all have the opportunity to take part in regular careers discussions with our Careers South West representative. Parents and carers are invited to attend alongside students.


Students in Key Stage 4 are all expected to participate in our annual careers mock interviews. Through our connections with local businesses, students are provided with experience, guidance and feedback regarding their performance during simulated interviews. In addition to this, careers evenings are offered to enable students to find out about options in the local area for employment, education and training.


The high level of support offered whilst students are attending the Academy does not end as students progress beyond our role. The success of the Academy's programme is measured in the proportion of students who continue to employment, education or training after leaving the academy. We are in regular communication with post 16 providers regarding our former students. This information is combined with feedback from parents and carers and used to develop and refine our careers programme with the aim of best supporting our students to become valued members of the community who make valuable contributions to society.




Gatsby Benchmarks

The Brunel Academy's careers programme is led by Alana Riley.

Alana can be contacted for further discussion regarding the careers programme by email, or telephone on 01803 665522.

The careers programme is part of the Academy's Improvement Programme and as such is formally reviewed annually, whilst being part of ongoing development.