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Our Academy’s Core Behaviour Expectations


  1. Each student will engage with lessons and activities in a way that allows them to make progress

  2. Each student will show respect to the learning environment and allow other students to make progress 

  3. Each student will be in the correct space for learning


As a school, we aim to treat all students as individuals. This may mean that expectations for individuals within lessons vary in accordance with differentiated responses to individual needs, yet the basic three expectations will remain the same.


Promoting positive behaviour


Wherever possible, The Brunel Academy seeks to support and recognise behaviour that contributes to a positive and successful learning environment for all:

  • Staff will model and praise positive behaviour

  • Friday morning whole school assemblies are used as a time to recognise and name positive behaviour

  • Postcards are sent home on a weekly basis concerning engagement with learning alongside helpful and kind contributions to the school community

  • All students work towards a weekly target activity, earning points in lessons for meeting the Academy’s three behavioural expectations in each lesson.


Responding to behaviour


Where students display behaviour that does not meet the three expectations above staff will respond to the behaviour in order to ensure that:


  1. Behaviour that is harmful to themselves or others is stopped

  2. Where harm has occurred, students will be expected to repair this harm

  3. Students are able to recognise the impacts of their behaviour so as to prevent recurrence


At Brunel Academy, all staff are expected to respond to behaviour exhibited by students which they believe does not meet the three expectations.