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Art Award resources, essential reading and enrichment opportunities.

TED-Ed: Daily Ted-Ed activities that can be hands on, interactive lessons parents can do with their children.


Instructables:  This website has crafts and projects of every possible design and difficulty.  Some of the projects will be out of reach or have materials that are a little difficult to come by when we are all in our own homes but there are plenty that can be made with just stuff that is found around the house.


Craftster: Another crafting website.  This one is a great allrounder with everything from cooking to quilting.


Green Upgrader: Gives you ways to reuse or recycle in green and cool ways.  Projects and tips for living a more sustainable lifestyle and getting in touch with nature as you make.  


Google arts and culture:  Explore museums, exhibitions and galleries in stunning virtual and interactive tours.   Travel and see some of the best art in the world without ever having to leave your couch.


BBC iplayer arts: See the top performances and productions from the West End and beyond for free.   Be sure to check parental guidance ratings beforehand.


Artrageous with Nate:  Videos about artists and art projects to create.


Art for kids hub: Videos on how to draw just about anything.  Hundreds of different pop culture and cartoon character drawing tutorials


ActivityVillage:  Thousands of colouring pages, crafts, puzzles, worksheets and more.


All Kids Network:  Educational resources, worksheets, writing prompts, themed colouring pages, craft and snack ideas